"We loved waking up to the beautiful view and sounds of nature out our window. Thank you for your hospitality, we enjoyed being here."

- Nancy and Keith Hammond
If you enjoy viewing wildlife in it's natural habitat, the Blue Heron Inn will be a delightful change for you.

The Inn is located along the banks of the Snake River. The area has an abundance of wildlife. It is not uncommon to see moose, white tail deer, beavers, fox, marmots, wild turkeys, and numerous type of birds from the windows of the Inn.

A wide variety of birds make frequent visits to the bird feeder outside the dining room. Winter visitors include chickadees, lesser gold finches, house finches, and wood peckers.

Summer birds have included American gold finches, black capped grosbeaks, junkos, and hummingbirds. The Blue Heron guests are enthralled with the birds as they flutter their wings and dodge to and from the bird feeder.

Watching the birds at the feeder in the morning is a special treat for the guests.
Idaho wildlife -birds
Wide Variety of Birds

Idaho wildlife -- bull moose
Bull Moose
Moose are incredible animals to watch. It is a exciting adventure to witness these magnificent animals stroll through the Inn property.

Two bull moose browse on vegetation just south of the Inn. This pair visited the Inn frequently during the winter and even took their afternoon naps in site of the Inn.

There are plenty of friendly "lil' critters" which are deceptively quick and occasionally make their way to the porch of the Inn looking for a snack.

In this picture, a tree squirrel sits on the railing outside the dining room, keeping a close eye on the bird feeder.
Idaho wildlife -- tree squirrel
Tree Squirrel

Idaho wildlife -- cow moose and calf
Cow Moose and Calf

Idaho wildlive - lone moose
Lone Moose
In the photo above, a cow moose and calf wander past the front of the Inn.

To the left, something has caught the eye of this lone moose as it stands adjacent the inn.

Don't forget to bring your camera and/ or a cam-corder in the event that some wildlife decide to stroll by the Inn.