Blue Heron Photos:
"I had a wonderful time over these last four days! I appreciate your kindness and hospitality. You have a first class inn! It rates right up there with 5 star hotels we’ve stayed at in New York, San Francisco, and Canada."

- Steve Sutherland
Fun at the Blue Heron:
"The beauty and solitude found at your inn was just what I needed. Annette stated that this was her most memorable birthday yet. Thanks for being perfect hosts and building the Blue Heron so we were able to experience such beauty."

-Fred and Annette
To contact the Blue Heron Inn bed and breakfast for more information or to make a reservation, use the information below for your convenience. The innkeepers at Blue Heron Inn will promptly respond.

The 7 elegant rooms of Blue Heron Inn are each uniquely decorated to provide comfort and serenity. Because of the limited capacity, please make reservations in advance.